Monday, August 10, 2009

On my own.....

Well, after over 2 years at Crossfit Old Town, I'm going to be taking a hiatus. I've been struggling for a while with credit card bills, and while CFOT is certainly worth every penny, it will help me a great deal to take a break for a while. I do plan on returning once everything is under control!

I'll be at CFOT for another month, but I also joined XSport last week, to help me transition over to motivating myself on my own I'll be doing about 50/50 until my membership runs out. I really like the gym - it's not very expensive, and it's huge with a pool and lots of fun classes on top of rowers, kettlebells, and barbells.

I tried Tai Chi last week and loved it, and tonight I tried Pilates. It was good - but I didn't feel like I had gotten in a good work out, so I did 8 250m sprints on the rower, and then I did some clean and jerks and some deads. I started rounding out at 210lb, and figured I should stop there!

My plan is to center my workouts around deads, squats, military presses, and bench presses. I'll do a couple of supplementary exercises for each main lift, and then do sprints of either rowing, running, biking, or swimming for the cardio. I'll also be doing the Oly lifts as part of my warm-up or supplementary exercises. On top of this, I'll try to do Tai Chi and either pilates or yoga. We shall see how well I can motivate myself! Wish me luck!