Friday, September 12, 2008

Off to Europe!

Well - I'm off to Eastern Europe for 2.5 weeks! I leave today, get back Sept 29th. I doubt I'll be posting any journal entries until I'm back!

I doubt I'll get in any full CF workouts, but I'll try to do tabata squats, pushups, and situps every few days. Maybe a jog too. We'll see!!

If anyone's curious, here's the trip I'm going on:

Friday, September 5, 2008

What a great way to start the day!

I must say, after yesterday and having to leave after only 1 row, I was quite reluctant to come into CrossFit today.

As I walked up the stairs, I started to pass a woman who I assumed was leaving from the 6am class, and smiled in greeting. She stopped me and asked me my name, and then told me that my before and after pictures were one of the reasons she had made it in to CF that morning.

Now - I was half awake, and I'm not even sure if I got her name - but WOW that was/is cool! Sometimes all it takes is a little extra push to help someone along, and I am honored that I was able to be that push! Keep in mind - although Crossfit played a HUGE role in the change, it was also a change in my diet that did it. You need both!

If you read this - say Hi - and tell me your name, I promise I won't forget it!

PS - A shout out to Matt for helping me finish off the burpees!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Allergic to Rowing?

Today's workout consisted of 4 500m rows, interspersed with rest/ring dips. I worked some ring dips while waiting for a rower, and then attempted to row a PR. I was about 1 second slower than my PR, which was disappointing - but what was disheartening was how I felt after the row.

Now, normally a row smokes me. However, after a minute or so to catch my breath - I feel pretty good, if not a bit tired/sore. Today, though - my throat started hurting, I started coughing, my nose started running, and I kept having to spit (yes, I know, eww). I was literally doubled over coughing in the bathroom. I heard people keep complaining of the air being dry - but even that shouldn't effect me in this way! I was feeling fine before class - sleepy, but that's normal. Jerry asked if I was having an allergic reaction - I've never had one before, so I don't know! I didn't feel capable of rowing again - and was having trouble taking the deep breathes I needed for the ring dips, so I left.

Now, 45min later - although I feel mostly recovered, I'm still coughing a bit, my throat is still off, and my nose still a bit runny. I think it took me about 30 min to feel "okay". I don't know what the hell happened! I'm wondering if I should've tried to row again - maybe taking it easy, and just seeing how I felt. I wonder if warming up would've helped - if going from breathing easy to gasping for breath in under a minute messed with me. I HATE not finishing a WOD - the last time I didn't finish, it was because I had hurt my foot and we were running.

Anyone ever experienced something like this before? I'm determined to come into class tomorrow - and do my best. I'm out of town Sat-Monday, and then the following Friday I leave for an 18 day trip to Europe. I want to get in as much CF as I can before then!!