Monday, November 30, 2009

Strict Press PR

My last strict press PR was 72lbs, tonight I got 75lbs :-) I think I can get more - but I hurt myself doing 2x70. I hope it's not serious!


Kristine said...


I did a random search for crossfit blogs and yours popped up! Great job on your PR's. Looks like we've both been going for about two years and are hitting similar PR's. Just wanted to say good work and keep it up!! (fellow cult member. :)) Kris

Cara said...

Thanks!! :-) Always good to hear from other members of the cult. Even though I'm taking a break from it, I'll always be a member at heart :-)

KippingItReal said...

Did you get back into CrossFit? Came across this by searching for CrossFit blogs like Kristine.

And strict presses are not easy, especially when you don't get that extra uumph from your legs lol.

Cara said...

I never did get back into Crossfit, I'm still happily lifting and swinging kettlebells though!