Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back in the Swing of Things

I must say - when I was on my trip, there were very few things I missed, but Crossfit was one of them.

I've lost a bit of strength in my pull-ups, and a bit of stamina, but today I hit a DeadLift PR of 175x1 that I'm really excited about!

This was my bodyweight before I started Crossfit - now I'm up to 180 (but my clothes are a bit looser!). I think I can hit a 180 DL - that will be my next goal!

I really do love lifting - it's fun for me. The MWF intense intervals are not what I'd call fun, but they're definitely addictive. But lifting... THAT is playtime!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the new PR Cara!
Keep it up!

Cara said...

Thank you!!

Jen said...

Cara, strong work! Keep it up...make it a part of your life...don't let up!

Adrienne said...

Sorry I missed your PR! Way to go!
Missed you this morning.
See you in the am

Cara said...

Thank you - we keep missing each other! I will be in class tomorrow, and I'll be coming to my first Saturday class to make up for missing today!