Monday, March 10, 2008

Never thought I'd be doing THIS

So - today, after hitting modified deadlifts (125lb, working in with Stacey), we had a relatively simple circuit to tackle. 20min, AMRP: 5 pull-ups, 10 box-jumps, 15 KB Swings.

My hands were still torn up, but I was thinking that this circuit wouldn't be so bad - I may even get in the 10 rounds that Jerry said would be a good number to hit!

That was, until, Jerry decided that I needed to be wearing an X-Vest. He mentioned it, I shook my head no, but there it was - going over my head. Not only that, but he had to duct-tape me in!

I ended up doing 3 chins instead of 5 - as they were hard to hit (but I did hit them!), and I did the 3 step box jumps instead of the 4-step... but I stuck to the 45lb KB swings - and I got in 8.3 rounds! I think next time I don an X-vest and do box jumps, I'm going to go for the high box jumps, since the 3 step felt pretty easy.

I think the worst thing about the X-vest is that it constricts your ribcage a bit, making it hard to take deep breaths! I kept getting flashes in my head of that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, where Kiera Knightley's character falls off a cliff because she fainted due to a too-tight corset!


Anonymous said...

I think she needs to work on her kip, too! :)

Capital Region CrossFit & MA said...

Nice job! Were you kipping and how much did the X (+duct tape) weigh?

Cara said...

Oh yes, I was kipping - and I think it weighed 12lbs!