Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ask and Ye Shall Receive....

As per Jerry's request, it's time to update my blog! However, this will probably jump around a bit... you are forewarned.

This past Friday, August 15th, was my 26th birthday. I requested from Jerry that we hit Elizabeth (21-15-9 Hang Squat Cleans/Ring Dips), as I had enjoyed it so much the first time I hit it. Last time, I did 75lbs and was on the pink band for ring dips. This time I did the Rx 85lbs, and was on the floss for the ring dips. My time was 13:57, which was a few minutes slower than the previous time - but lifting 10 extra pounds will do that to a person! Hopefully, next time I hit Elizabeth, I'll be able to go Rx - I'm getting closer to having the strength to do full ring dips!

As a side note, apparently I'm still losing weight. My goal was 150 - and to maintain after I hit that (which I have been doing for a few weeks). Yesterday, I weighed in at 147.5lb. So - I'm wondering what my ideal weight/size really is! I'm going to keep trying to zone and hitting up the Blue Room 4ish times a week, we'll just see where I go!

Two weeks ago I had both a major disappointment and a great surprise as I tried to hit my Week 4 goal: 205lb Deadlift. Although I locked out 195lbs, and had done 200lbs not too long before, I just could not get 205 off the ground. I don't think I can adequately describe how disappointed in myself I was. As Jerry says, I lost core stability/strength. I think I have to find a better balance between warming up and not burning out.

The circuit that followed involved chins, and Jerry encouraged me to try to set a new PR. My previous PR was 13chins. The chins felt great - and I hit 17 before I let go of the bar! This ALMOST made up for missing 205. I think I could've gotten to 18 - not sure why I let go... my grip was starting to give, but I could've gutted it out. Next time. 20 chins, here I come!

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