Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today I could just NOT get out of bed in time for CFOT. I tried, I really did - but I ended up collapsing for another hour.

I was quite excited when I checked the mainsite and saw that the WOD was Karen, one of the benchmarks that I've been meaning to hit but keep missing opportunities to! Adrienne kindly provided me with Jerry's WOD - Painstorm (I'm sad I missed it!), but I couldn't resist hitting Karen (and didn't have the time to do both!).

I wanted to use a 12lb medicine ball, but had to settle for a 10lb ball - and finished in 10:09. Was feeling pretty sluggish, and was only doing sets of 10 at a time. I managed to avoid hitting myself in the face (these med balls barely have any give!), so all in all I consider it to be a success!

I remember back in the Fall or Winter, Jerry had a "choose your own adventure" sort of work out going for us. We were given a list of 5-6 different workouts, and we had 10-15min to hit each one. I did the Wall Ball with Adrienne - and I remember getting in around 120ish reps. I wish I could remember if it was 10 or 15min though - because that makes a big difference in how much I've improved!

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Jerry Hill said...

So much to blog about; birthday, pullups, more...