Thursday, July 31, 2008

Running: Still the Bane of my Existence, EXCEPT...

Well - today I woke up a bit too late to make it in to the 6:45 class, and seeing how being late to work was not an option, I opted to work out at my office.

Like the last time this happened, I stepped onto the treadmill determined to do a 5K (3.1 miles). Unlike last time, I actually succeeded! It helped that there was a TV in front of me so I could take my mind off of the running. I didn't get winded until the last half a mile or so, which was encouraging.

I finished in 26:16. I have no frame of reference as to how good or not this is, but I'm just glad I finished!

I then went and did a few strict chins. Tomorrow I'm going to be trying to hit 12 (kipping) chins in a row - wish me luck! Don't want to force my team into a funishment!


Matt Komar said...

26:16 is an awesome 5K time! Congrats! 8:27 min mile pace.

Stuart said...

That's a great time. I was all proud of myself for finishing a 5k last weekend in 33:54. Just under an 11 minute mile. And it about killed me. Gotta work on my cardio.

Good work!

Cara said...

Thanks guys!!

I remember when a 12min mile was my pace, quite a difference a year at Crossfit makes, eh?

Adrienne said...

Cara!! 26:16 is fabulous!! That smokes my 5K time. I think last time I tested my 5K I was around 28 minutes.

Awesome job for someone who "hates running"