Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Goals for the next 2 months

So, Jerry sent us a list of benchmarks - there are 4 levels: Healthy beginner, intermediate athlete, advanced athete, elite athlete.

The healthy beginner stage should be able to be reached in 3-12 months. I've been doing Crossfit for 3 months at this point. I'm going to list all of the benchmarks, and where I'm at on them. Some I have surpassed, some I know I have not yet reached, and some I have not tried. The ones in purple are goals I already have set for myself! The ones in orange are goals I have already surpassed, and the ones in red are benchmarks that I have not yet tested.

Exercise Benchmark Current
Squats 50 Free Squats 50 in a row!!
Push-ups 10 Pushups ? 3 standard
Static Hang 30 seconds ?
Sit-ups 30 situps ? 30 no problem
Kettleball Swings 25 KB swings 55 KB swings, 45lb, 4 minute, can probably do 25 36lb non-stop
400 Meter Run 2:04min ?
Deadlift 135lb 172lb (single) 145lbx5
Military Press 45lb 60lb (single) 50lbx5
High Pull 90lb ?
Knees to Chest 10 sitting knees
to chest ?
Wallball 25 wall balls I don't know how many I can do in a row
800 Meter Run 4:20min ?
500 Meter Row 2:20min ?
Vertical Jump 10in ? Probably with box jumps
Dips 3 dips Probably cannot yet do 1, but I have not tested this

Pull-ups 3 pull ups Not quite - thin band
L-Sit 10 second ?
2000 Meter Row 9:50min ?
MB Cleans 10 can do many more
Christine 15 min ?
1 Mile Run 9 min ?

I'll be finding out my baseline 500 meter row on Friday!

As per Jerry's comment, I've edited a few of the benchmarks


Jerry Hill said...

Cara, most of the numbered bench marks are non-stop without rest.

So it's 50 non-stop air-squats

25 Non-stop KB swings, no problem for you with a 36lber, but how about 45lb?

High Pull 90lb ?
(We do these with a KB)

Wallball 25 wall balls (25 non-stop with butt to barrier and target at 8 feet)

Vertical Jump 10in ? Probably with box jumps
(this is vert jump, not box...make a mark on wall with out reached hand...jump and mark...measure)

Dips 3 dips What kind of dips?
(bar dips, we don't have a bar...3 ring dip would be impressive!)

Cara said...

Ah - I understand. So I'm not sure if I could do 50 non-stop, I'm going to have to try that sometime! I don't think I can do 25 non-stop KB swing with the 45lb yet - give me a few more weeks :)

Maybe we could try out some of these benchmarks sometime?

Jerry Hill said...

"Maybe we could try out some of these benchmarks sometime?"

Grab a witness and have at it...
Before class in the ring room or after class works well.

Cara said...


I just tried out the squats, sit-ups, and push-ups.

I got 50 squats non-stop, terrible form, but that's what I get for not warming up first!

30 situps non-stop wasn't too bad.

I got in 3 standard push-ups before I started seeing spots! Only 7 to go!

Jerry Hill said...


Talk is cheap, action speaks volumes!

However, you know me...gotta demand excellence;
"I got 50 squats non-stop, terrible form"

I'd say terrible form is not passing a skill set wouldnt you?

Cara said...

Hey! It was lack of flexibility... not lack of skill... :-P

Don't worry - I'll try it again soon after warming up!