Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On my own....

Oversleeping seems to be a theme on here! Normally, I set my alarm for 5:15, so I can hit the snooze button until 5:45/6:00. Alas, this morning, I woke up and my clock said 6:45. Shit!!!

I decided to use my itty bitty gym at work for more than a shower, and was pleased with the results.

2mile run: 18:06 - just over a 9minute/mile pace. Before I started Crossfit, 12min + was the norm

Squat Cleans: 105lb - the maximum I could get the barbell to! Not sure if this is a PR, but I think it is. It wasn't pretty, but I got it!

Push ups: 5
Sit ups: 11
Squats: 13

A definite improvement from the last time I overslept!


McSemperFiWife said...

Well done! Oversleeping in my life does not resemble your strength and stamina.


Cara said...

Thanks McCall! You could totally do what I did if you overslept :-) You just need the motivation of knowing that you're going to be in a bikini on Saturday!