Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Almost there!!

I am officially 10lbs away from my goal of hitting a 200lb deadlift by New Years! My previous PR was 175lb.

Today, first I pulled 180lb - it was a great lift, and my form was right on. I was going to go up to 185lb, but Jerry challenged me with 190lb, so I went for it.

My form wasn't quite dialed in on this pull - but I still lifted the weight! I think my problem is that I didn't tighten my core as much as I should have - and I'm itching to try 190lb again and try to get my form perfect.

Jerry thinks that I already have a 200lb lift in me - I can't wait to test out that theory!

Out of all of the lifts, the Dead Lift is my favorite - even though I struggle with form sometimes. I think it's because I can pull more weight on it than on any other lift!

We also worked the snatch today - I'm good with my pull, but not with my speed. Similar to how I have trouble really whipping my elbows when I'm doing heavy cleans. I think part of it is that I am not as aggressive as I need to be - I can aggressively do the vertical pull, but when it comes to getting under the bar, I wimp out a bit. It's all good though - because even though it can be frustrating, I enjoy working on lifts and tweaking my form/speed. It's also inspiring to watch people like Andrea and Vinnie who do these pulls, like the snatch, beautifully! My progress may be slow at times, but I know that I'm constantly moving in the right direction! :)

Oh - and I just can't believe I'm only 10lbs away from my goal!! Woo-hoo!!!