Thursday, December 6, 2007


Well - last time I hit Fran was in September, I was on the blue band doing 35lb Thrusters:

Cara (5r x 9r) 12:40 (blue band)

This time I did the thin band, 45lb thrusters. I believe my time was a lot slower (18 minutes?) - but frankly, I can't remember what I got - so once Jerry posts the scores I'll stick it up here!

Not sure how to feel about getting a faster time 3 months ago than I got this time around. Then again, this time I went 10lb heavier on the thrusters and had a lot less assistance on the pull-ups, so it's really hard to compare the two. I can only get 2-3 pull-ups at a time on the thin band, which slowed me down significantly. I wonder what my time would be if I did 35lbs/blue band now though - probably could cut it in half!

One thing I've noticed about my progress since starting Crossfit is that my strength has been increasing greatly and fairly quickly, but while my endurance/cardio is getting better - it's taking a LOT longer to see improvement there. I wonder if this is the normal - anyone know?


Kim said...

Cara - Keep it up. It's great to see your progress.

Cara said...

Thanks! I am in there 5xs a week.. now if only I could get my lazy, food-loving ass on the Zone I'd be golden! :)

Cara said...

Yup - this time was exactly 18 minutes - 6 minutes slower than last time, but a hell of a lot heavier with the pull-ups, so it's all good!

Jerry Hill said...

Hey Cara,

I'll double post; this is important.

What would your time have been for our LAST Fran if you had used a thin band and 45lbs on thrusters?

Zero, as in did not start...

You are a stronger more capable athlete today because of your hard work and commitment to go for you completed a physical task that was Impossible 3 months ago.


Lets discuss this further.

Adrienne said...

awesome improvement Cara.. going heavier also takes longer, but the pay off is much better. You're doing great.

Cara said...

Thank you very much guys! I was feeling kind of crappy about my time once I compared the two, but I feel better now :)

Thanks again!

danny said...

your strength gains are improving at such a high rate because you are so hungry to move heavy weights. lifting heavy weight recruits more fast-twitch muscle fibers while lighter weights recruit slow-twitch muscle fibers. the thing with this is that fast-twitch muscle fibers have a much lower endurance threshold than slow-twitch muscle fibers. this explains why your strength is going through the roof but your time has increased.

no worries, soon what you are lifting now will be light weight and your endurance will improve. pretty much inevitable with your drive.

oh yeah, do take what i wrote in the first paragraph with a grain of salt. I'm no kinesiology major. but I do read a lot on this kind of stuff and its based on my understanding of what i've learned.