Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clean and Snatch Standards

Well - since Jerry just posted about weight standards for the Clean and Snatch, I thought I'd post what they are, and then post the weights that I've hit so far. Since starting Crossfit, I've gained around 6-7lbs in muscle, and weigh in around 182/183. I'm just under 5'10". Lucky for me - they have standards for women who weight 181 - perfect! To get the snatch, I'm multiplying the Power Clean numbers by 0.78.

Oh - Novice equals someone who's been training for 3-9 months, and intermediate equals someone who's been training for up to 2 years. I've been doing Crossfit for just under 6 months, and barbell work for about 5 months.

Standards: Untrained Novice Intermediate Advanced Elite

Power Clean 54 100 118 155 193

Snatch 42 78 92 121 151

Currently - my highest Power Clean was 95lb, and my Snatch was 60lbs (I think). So I believe I'm right on track here according to the standards!

Oh - on the Deadlift - for the novice the weight is 174, for intermediate it's 204. I'm only 14lbs away from intermediate!! That's SO exciting!! I knew there was a reason that I liked the deadlift so much!

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