Friday, January 4, 2008


This is way in the future, but I'm planning on going abroad to get a Masters Degree in the 2009-2010 academic year.

Honestly, one of the things I was worried about (on top of selling my condo in THIS market, finding people to keep my cats for me, getting scholarships, finding loans, etc) was how I was going to keep up with Crossfit! I would comfort myself with saying that, by the time I went abroad, I'd know enough to be able to follow Jerry's workouts on my own. I'd be motivated enough to be able to really push myself on my own. However, I get SO much motivation and help from being in a group setting, with Jerry as our coach - I still felt apprehensive.

That being said - I am SO excited to find that there are Crossfit affiliates ALL over the UK! I'm looking mainly in England and Scotland for schools - so this is simply fantastic for me to find out! It's probably saying a lot about my love for Crossfit that if I end up having a choice between schools, I will be choosing the one closest to an affiliate! :)

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Jerry Hill said...

There's no team like the Home Team but it's always good to know there are CrossFitters Worldwide!