Sunday, January 27, 2008

See the difference!

Adrienne's comment on my last post has inspired me to post before and after pictures - you can definitely see a difference!

The first picture was taken during my first week or two of Crossfit - either late July or early August. I weighed around 177lbs.

The second picture was taken this past Saturday (01/26/08). In the time that passed between the two pictures, I had gone up to 185lb (muscle), and then down to just below 175lb (Zone). On Saturday I weighed in at 174.6lb. My goal is to get down to 165lb.

It's really exciting to see the difference!! I've never made such a significant change in my body before!


georgia said...

Hot Mama! Sizzlin'!

Cara said...

Thank you!!! :-D

Adrienne said...

Awesome work Cara! Two things.

It's crap that you're not coming in for the muscle up day. Especially after hitting your first pullups. You're primed for performance, and Chriss is a great teacher. Stop creating roadblocks for yourself. If there is another reason why you will not be in class tomorrow then disregard the first part of this message!

Number 2, be careful about the scale addiction. It's addictive and it can be frustrating when you stop seeing the numbers drop. Go by how your clothes fit. Not to sound creepy, but I imagine your old wardrobe is beginning to sag! It's a double edge sword.. good because you don't fit in your old clothes... bad, because you have to spend money to buy new ones.

Anyway. Keep up the good work. About getting in on my social calendar.. it's tough. I had to turn my own mother down today. I've been doing a lot of work events and grad school stuff. It's not fun social life, just life.

Can you tell that I can't go to sleep?

Cara said...

Hey Adrienne! Yes - my clothes are getting looser, which is awesome :)

The reason I'm not coming in today is actually because I need to come into work about an hour early. I'm participating in this Federal program where I'm a volunteer mediator - and today is my first mediation! I'm really nervous - but yeah, I'm coming into work early so I can get some stuff done before going to an all-day mediation. If it were just another work day I would so be there!

I hope you were able to go to sleep soon after you posted this!

georgia said...

Hey Cara,

You've gotta fix your Blogspot looks like we are all vampires or party people based on our post times :)

Then again, we could all start talking in a British accent and pretending we live in London ;)

Jerry Hill said...

You are on Fire Cara!

I'm so psyched for ya!