Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Workout of Epic Proportions

On Monday Jerry gave us the "Meet the Spartans" Workout. The previous week I had been in Monday-Friday, so I had not worked out on Saturday (or Sunday). So - with 2 days rest I hit the work out hard.

I had to do some scaling - I did jumping pull-ups instead of pull ups (2 for 1), and my push ups were plank position on the way down, and knees on the way up. For the push-press I did 20lb dumbbells - however, I went as prescribed for the high pull - 55lbs. I also did the prescribed number of reps - something I don't think I would have tackled a few months ago!!

I finished in a bit over 40 minutes - I am quite proud to have finished the work out!

However - the point of this post is to say how sore I was yesterday! I still came in to workout yesterday, but I haven't been this sore since my first month or two of Crossfit! Part of it was, of course, the insane work out. But also - I'm thinking that part of it is that I didn't work out on Saturday - and I had 2 days of recovery instead of 1. Seems counter-intuitive, but ever since the barbell class was dropped, and I've been doing the standard Crossfit workouts 5xs a week, I've been typically missing one day during the week - and then coming in on Saturday. This was the first time in a while that I had taken 2 days in a row of rest.

So - I deliberately missed today, and am planning on coming in on Saturday. I'm going to do Saturdays from now on - and skip either Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully this will keep me from getting as sore as I did after the "Meet the Spartans" workout.

Does this make sense? Is my logic completely off? Was it JUST the work out, and not also the fact that my body hadn't been moving too much for two days in a row? Any thoughts? I'd love any advice! Thanks!

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