Thursday, October 2, 2008

A bit nervous...

So, I haven't been into CF for about 2.5 weeks. I was on an amazing trip to Eastern Europe - where I fully enjoyed the food! Although there was a lot of walking and some hiking, I only did one proper Crossfit Workout. I did a modified version of Fran - used about 25-30KG for the thrusters (55-65lb, wasn't sure of the weight of the bar) and did push-ups instead of pull ups. Didn't time myself, but I was only doing about 3 thrusters at a time.

I've started eating a bit better since getting back, and am recovering from the jet lag. I plan on being in to CF at 6am tomorrow morning. My normal time is 6:45, but I'm on a different job rotation for the next 4 months that has a longer commute. So, the earlier time + crappy eating + barely working out + jet lag should make for an interesting experience tomorrow! Yeah - I'm quite nervous to see how I do! I'm also hesitant to weigh myself!!

I know I'll get back on track rather quickly with my eating and exercise, but I expect to be a bit dissapointed in my performance in the beginning. Wish me luck!


Adam said...

Good luck with everything! I know it takes some adjustment time, but you'll be surprised how quickly everything comes back.

Cara said...

Yes - definitely still adjusting.. thanks!