Friday, October 10, 2008

You Can Cry, but You Can't Quit

The title is from Crossfit Pentagon - I'm need to hit them up for one of their shirts!

Today's workout looked like this:


High Pulls (50lb w, 70lb m)
Turkish Get-ups (25lb w, 35lb m)
Jumping Lunges (25lb w, 35lb m)

Took me 41:00. Took some of the fire breathers around 20 min, I was the last to finish in the 9am class.

This work out was difficult for me on two levels. One was just how damn slow I was getting through all the movements - especially the push ups, burpees, and TGUs. I've never been fast at these, but I can definitely feel the effects of taking off for 2.5 weeks and not eating well (poker and pizza last night didn't help!). I have lost strength and conditioning. Hell - before the trip I did 18 pull-ups in a row, and now I was doing 3 at a time. I know I'll gain it back, but it's very frustrating.

The other level of difficulty is emotional - I've been having quite the hard week, and have been on the verge of tears for the past day or so. This work out definitely brought that out. There were several times that I had to take a break from the reps just to get myself under control. I didn't want to start crying. I did manage to get myself under control and finish up, it was so hard to be mentally in it, though.

I am glad I finished. I feel better now. It's cathartic. Not only is Crossfit an excellent fitness program, I think it can also be considered a form of therapy. I proved to myself that no matter how slow and down I'm feeling, I am capable of pushing through and finishing - I'm stronger than I give myself credit for.

Afterward, Chriss said he could see changes in me from when I first started - not just in my form, but how CF has positively influenced my personality and outlook on life. I'm surprised he couuld see that, but also really pleased. Crossfit has been a blessing in my life :-)


Katie said...

Cara, I don't think that you're the only person who would say that CrossFit has positively influenced their lives... it has had a huge impact on mine!

Cara said...

I doubt there's anyone out there who can say that CF didn't positively influence their life! Well, unless they got rhabdo - heh. Okay, it's not actually a funny thing to get I suppose...