Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grace and much more!

Let's see if I can give a recap of the past week so far at CFOT!

Sunday was the start of our challenge, and we hit Grace. 30 clean and jerks for time. As prescribed, was 85lbs for women - which is what I decided to go for. There was the option of going lighter or heavier (100lbs!).

I believe I finished in just over 7 minutes. I was pretty happy with my performance - I didn't miss any of the jerks, and while some of my cleans from the floor felt a bit ugly (got some nice bruises on the collarbone when the bar crashed down on me), I hit them all and Jerry praised my form (Yay!). When I was on rep 20 I saw Katie curled up on the floor (she did 100lbs) - she finished in under 5 minutes! Crazy strong!

I'm not going to be running outside in the cold again until I'm fully healthy. I feel fine, but I still have a bit of a cough and a runny nose. I got REALLY sick the evening after a run outside, and the next time I ran outside it made my cough a lot worse. So - I'll be rowing until I'm 100%.

Apparently, though, I need to watch my form on the row. The other day we hit a workout that was originally 800m run, 30 front squats (65lbs w), 30 box jumps: 3 rounds for time. I rowed 1000m instead of the run. I was rounding my back way too much on the row, not keep my spine straight, which I didn't notice until I got to the front squats. I was struggling because my back felt off - not fun! I got through 2 rounds and recorded my time, as I didn't have time to finish a 3rd round and get the work on time. I did my third row though - mainly to practice keeping my spine straight!

Today was a good day - the workout as Rx was 20 pull-ups, 30 push-ups, 40 ab-mat situps, 50 squats; 3min rest between intervals, 5 intervals total.

When I looked at that, I knew I wouldn't be able to get in 5 intervals and leave on time to get to work. Mainly because of the push-ups. So I opted for the express: 12 pull-ups, 18 push-ups, 24 ab mat situps, 30 squats; 2 min rest between intervals. I finished all the intervals in 4-6minutes, getting slower as the rounds went on!

The push-ups were my nemesis today! I could only get 2-3 in at a time, and even then, I had trouble holding the plank. Jerry had me pull my elbows in closer to engage more of my triceps, but I'm weak here, so it just got harder! I'm going to keep working it, but it's disheartening to hardly do any push-ups with the proper form by the second round! Ah well - nothing to do but keep working it, right?

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