Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tackling the Strict Press

Today we worked one of my weaknesses - shoulder strength.

After a warmup consisting of hollow rocks, shoulder dislocates, good mornings, knees to elbows, and burpees we moved on to 7 sets of 1's of the strict press. I worked in with Leslie and Grace.

This is how it went for me:

70 - miss
70 - miss
71 - yay!!!!

I think I actually could've hit 72 or 73 if I'd had more time. I was SO excited when I finally got 70lbs - not to mention 71lbs! It was all about my form - on my misses I was arching my back too much, letting the bar get away from me. I did a better job of pushing my head forward (I think) when I finally hit it.

Seriously excited! Also just plain thrilled to be back in the blue room - I was pretty sick for way too long. Yay for FINALLY being healthy again!