Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clean and Jerks - ooof!

Being Christmas time and all, there were a few days that CFOT was closed. The last work out was on Wed at 9am, which I could not make due to work. Not wanting to wait until Sunday for my next work out, I decided to head over to the Crossfit/Jiu Jistsu facility in Loudon with a friend who CFs there.

After messing around a bit with the stationary bar (can get a chin in, but can't put them together), I decided to hit a work out I had missed in the blue room: 15-12-9, clean and jerks, touch and go - cannot let go of the bar. I saw that Katie had done 75lbs, and knowing how strong she is, I went for 65lbs. Boy was that exhausting! I think I rested a bit too much in the rack position, but I made it through each round without letting go of the bar!

Shoulders were really sore the next day, and today (Sunday), when I happily headed back to the blue room. Well, happy until I saw the work out:

Father Time
5 rounds
10 clean and jerks
30 ab mat sit-ups
400 meter run


Do your Grace weight - which for me is 85lbs. I was the only girl in to go this heavy (all the fire breathers must still be on vacation), and I think I also had one of the slowest times! I really wanted to go for 75lbs, but I'm really glad that Jerry didn't let me drop down. I almost tweaked my lower back a couple of times - just losing core tension - but I feel fine now. I may have been doing one clean and jerk at a time, but damnit, I finished! :-) Blain KILLED this work out, which was awesome.

Now my shoulders are even more sore! Time to lay off the overhead work for a couple of days..

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