Monday, January 5, 2009

Time to Dial it In!

Well, it's been the holidays, and I've been slacking a bit. Missing class due to poor decisions in when I got to sleep, or because there was no class to go to!

For example, I intended to go to bed by 10 last night, so I could get up and hit the 6am class this morning. However, I decided to read a bit... and didn't put down my book until after midnight. Yeah - waking up 5 hours later was not so appealing to me with a full day of work ahead! I did a mini-work out in my bedroom this morning. Modified Karen - found the heaviest book I owned and basically did 150 thrusters, but with a bit of a jump at the end since I couldn't actually throw the book up in the air! I bookended that with some push-ups. Better than nothing, right?

Since today is the first day of the Zone challenge, I've decided it's really time to dial it in with that and with getting my lazy ass into the Blue Room more often! It doesn't hurt that I get to have dinner with Coach Glassman tomorrow night (and a bunch of fellow-CFitters) - I'm SO excited. Talk about inspiration!

Sorry if this is a bit rambling... still not fully awake yet!

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