Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today was our last day doing chins in the Blue Room. *tear* The memories... how I will miss the swinging bars!

Before I left for 3wks in Europe back in September, my PR on chins was 18. After I got back, I got sick a couple of times and simply was not making it into the Blue Room as much - and I could see a noticeable decline in my strength. It was dissapointing, as chins had been a weak point for me and it had taken me a qhile to work up to that PR.

Our workout today was Onion Skin - max strict press (I did 50lbs), and max chins. On my first round I managed 18 chins! YAY!!! I'm finally back where I was!

I'm sure re-learning the kip on the stationary bar will be frustrating, but damnit, 20 chins, here I come!

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