Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ah... the Deadlift... my old friend

Today we hit my favorite lift - the Deadlift (it just edges out the clean as my fav). 3x3x3x3x3

Last time we hit this work out, I got 175x3.

Now - about a year ago, I hit a max single of 200lb. I also weighed around 180lbs when I did that. Now I weigh 150lb. With the loss of weight, and less work on the deadlift, I lost my ability to get 200lbs off the ground.

Today, I got 185x3 - which was quite exciting for me - a PR! Then I decided to try 190lbs, and I ended up getting in 2 reps. Just couldn't get set up right for the 3rd one. I called it a day, and went to get my shoes on.

As I was putting them I on I thought - if I can get 190x2, there's a chance I can get 200x1!

Off my shoes went, and I ran back to the bar. With a couple of people watching, I actually managed to get the bar moving and stand up with it. It was ugly - it felt ugly, and the area around my shoulder blades is just starting to feel normal again - but damnit, I got it!

My ultimate goal with the deadlift is to be able to do a circuit with 1.5xs my bodyweight, or 225lbs. I hope we hit this workout every couple of weeks so I can build up my strength with this lift!


Jerry Hill said...

You are Strong and lean Cara!!

Cara said...

Awww - thanks Jerry! I don't quite feel that way, but I think I'm getting there!