Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cara beats herself up at CFOT and other fun times in the blue room!

Let me start with Sunday!

As part of our warmup, we did sumo deadlift highpulls. Did I hit myself in the chin with the bar hard enough for it to still be tender today (two days later)? You bet I did! Then, this was our work out:

25 pull ups
50 hang clean jerk (65lb w, 100lb m)
50 burbees (I subed out push-ups 'cause burpees were making me light headed)
50 wall ball sit ups
50 box jumps
50 push ups
25 pull ups

On my first rep of my second set of pull-ups, what did I do? Can you guess?

Yeah - that's right, I jammed by neck into the bar, right below my adams apple.


Good times.

I finished this work out at around 42:30 (I think), which I was okay with. Katie estimated that it would take her 40 min (it took her more like 30!), so I was happy to get in around what she estimated for herself! (Love ya Katie!) I was also fairly happy with my work on the jerks - I'm starting to feel more comfortable with them, and 65lbs was a good weight for me!

Today was a mixed bag, but overall good.

We started again with a PVC pipe work out. I must've been getting lazy, because my form on a couple of the movements (Deadlift and Jerk) was really off. This wasn't the case on Sunday - but I had weight on the bar instead of a PVC pipe, so that must make a big difference for me with my form!

Another part of our warm-up was burpees. I was REALLY happy with them today. No lightheadedness, and I was just feeling solid on them - landing in the squat properly and all. I still hate burpees, but I'm hoping I won't have to sub in push-ups for them on a regular basis!

Our WOD today was Helen:
400m run
21 KettleBell Swings (36lb w, 50ishlb m)
12 chins
3 Rounds for time

Jerry estimated it would take people 10-16minutes. He also said that to save time, to just slip on and off shoes, as tying and un-tying adds another minute or so. Well - I've never been comfortable with just slipping on and off my sneakers (I like them tight for running), and I finished at 17:31.... so if you subtract a minute or so for my shoes, I'm almost in at his estimate!

Seriously, I probably could have run a bit faster, but I almost always avoid sprinting and smoking myself unless I'm at the very end of a circuit. The KB swings were easy for me (especially 36lbs), and I was doing about 4 at a time for the chins. Maybe if I can get that up to 6 at a time I could lower my time. I usually take about 10-20 seconds between sets - which I need to decrease. Rest later, not now, right?

Oh - right - back to beating myself up. My self-abuse was more subtle today. I have a tear on the lower joint of my ring finger. So, I taped it up. The tape extended above the first joint onto the second. The ended up restricting my finger painfully when I bent it for the chins, and 2 hours later it's still reddish-purple, hurts to bend, and slightly swollen. It's already getting better than it was - but seriously, WTF? I guess I'm going to need to use thinner tape!

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