Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My last two times at CFOT have been extremely frustrating for me.

On Friday we hit Badger. Granted - I was quite sore from the squats on Wed, which slowed me down, but my time on Badger was about 15min slower than my previous time. Going backwards, much?

Today, our circuit looked like this:

12 deck-squat slam balls
12 chins
12 burpees

10 rounds for time

On round 4 I started feeling lightheaded after 2-3 burpees. On round 5 I wanted to stop, Jerry talked me into doing 6 rounds (42ish minutes).

I could not tell if I should stop or not, but the daunting task of doing 4 more rounds of 12 burpees pushed me over the edge to stopping. I don't know why I was lightheaded - perhaps because I have not been eating right or enough. It was not a good feeling - but I honestly don't know if it was bad enough to stop.

I know I got in a good work out today, despite scaling. What feels like shit is the mental beat-down I took, and the fact that I gave in.

I can only try to eat better, and make it to the blue room as much as possible. I'll get back on track, damnit.

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Adam said...

It definitely can be a frustrating experience, but it's good to see your resolve to get better. I mean, you know it's going to happen, right? :)