Friday, November 14, 2008

Feeling Good

My neck isn't completely back to normal, but the pain is almost completely gone. I decided to come in this morning, figured if a particular movement hurt I could do a sub.

The workout:

15 hang snatches (65w, 95m)
400m run
5 rounds

It's been a VERY long time since I've done the snatch - sadly, I missed the last couple of times they were done. I don't know if I've ever comfortably gone above 50lbs on it.

I went for 55lbs - which, when I first tried it, felt quite heavy. Jerry said I could scale to 9 reps if the going was too slow. Once I got started though, I felt that I could do 15 - so I went for it.

I was the last to finish with 32:06, but I'm pretty pleased that I didn't scale the number of reps. I also didn't hurt myself further, which is always good! Jerry seemed pretty happy with my form, which was awesome.

Although I'm happy with my performance this morning, I'm still annoyed that I finished in over 30 minutes. I think my problem is that I put the bar down too much. As soon as I get a bit uncomfortable, I put it down and take a couple steps away. I'm not sure if I'm pacing myself correctly, or if I need to push myself past my comfort level. In the moment, I feel the need to put the bar down. Afterwards, I wonder if I could have pushed myself harder. I will experiment with this in the future!

Oh - I found this to be amusing. During my fourth run I almost stopped and walked. I stopped for a second, told myself "Fuck No", and then kept on running. Okay - maybe I'm the only one to find this funny...